Preaching, Teaching, and Notes

Are you Listening?

Luke 8:18 “Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken that which he seemeth to have.”

Take heed how ye hear.
Now this is not just good advice, but it is a saying of Jesus.
He warns all who will hear Him, to take notice of what they are hearing.
They are not just nice sounding words to lull you to sleep. Or assure you that everything is O.K., if it is not.
His Words are not just to enter our ears, but our hearts; and bring forth fruit to Eternal Life.

Jesus had just finished the parable of the sower. Four types of ground.
There was the wayside ground: hard and not tilled.
There was the rocky ground: which sprang up, but withered.
There was the thorny ground: which choked the word.
And then there was the good ground: which brought forth fruit.

What was the differences between these grounds? The preparation of the ground, itself.
The wayside had no preparation. The Word was “walked upon, and devoured by the Adversary.” (Luke 8:12)
The rocky ground had too many things which needed to be removed to be useful; and so the Word of Christ just died in the life.
The thorny ground had been tilled but without removing the roots of bitterness, which spring up again and again, to choke the Word in the life. (Hebrews 12:15)
And the good ground prepared to hear. Heard, and obeyed (took heed how they heard), and brought forth fruit to Christ’s glory, and honor.

How do you take heed?
You listen as if you Eternal Soul was dependent on just how you heard!

Is your life hardened to the Gospel? Have you trodden down Christ’s Words to you?
The Adversary is waiting, to remove those Words that are given you; and leave you hardened, and dead. Will you prepare your heart to hear?

The reality of these verses is told by Jesus when He says:
“From him shall be taken that which he seemeth to have”!
They looked good; They probably said the right answers, but their hearts separated themselves from the impact of Christ’s Words, so they would not have to obey.

This one had heard the call of Christ, and answered it with all the right words, but it has been just that, An answer of “words”.
So what he “seemeth to have, he does not.

Christ requires not an answer of words; But an answer of a Life, open to, and receptive to Him.

Remember, when Christ saves a life, He also claims that life.
From that time on that saved one is bought with a Price, and no longer their own.

Jesus says, “Take heed how ye hear”. Prepare your ears to hear, and your heart to receive.

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