Preaching, Teaching, and Notes

The Widow’s Mites

Mark 12:41-42  “And Jesus set over against the treasury, and beheld how people cast money into the treasury:  and many that were rich cast in much.

                             And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites which make a farthing.”

Jesus had been preaching in the temple to the people,  and had warned them about the those who love to be religious (look religious), but whose main goal was to have men think well of them, while often sinning against their fellow man.

Then He watches as the people bring offerings to God.

Mark 12:43-44 “And he called to him his disciples,  and saith unto them,   Verily,  I say unto you,  that this poor widow hath cast more in,  then all they that have cast into the treasury; 

                            For they did cast in of their abundance;  but she of her want, did cast in all that she had, even all her living.”

For an Israelite, there were certain things which must be given:  tithes, and certain offerings at certain times.

But the offerings to the treasury,  were to be,  because you loved the Lord.

This she did, and it was recognized by Jesus, for it.  

Many put in more:  they put in “out of” their abundance.  But she gave “out of her want”,  or the money she would have bought things, she needed.

For this widow, it did not matter if she had anything.  It did matter if the Lord’s house was lacking. (This is what they took the money for.  For the upkeep of the house of God.)

We often think,  “If we could do some great thing for God.”

But the Lord wants us.   Two mites are not great.   Hardly anything in the world’s estimation.

But the Lord Jesus said she had put in more than they all did.

Because she put in her living.  All that she had.

What are we giving to God?    Are we giving our all?

No,  I don’t ask about your money.


I am asking about your love.   How much love are you showing to God?

Do you love Him?   And how much time do you spend with Him?

Morning prayers (and they don’t have to be long)

Evening prayers, to set everything from the day in order before Him. (So you don’t wake up the next day, carrying the same burdens you went to bed with)

The widow’s mites were cast to the Lord’s treasury.   In among the rich and affluent;  she came.

Giving to God, all she had, because she loved Him and His work there.

Again I ask,   How much of ourselves are we giving God? 

Are you doing,  for admiration from others?

Or are you giving God your life?

May we all get the same praise from Jesus, as she had.  

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