Preaching, Teaching, and Notes

Always to Pray

Luke 18:1 “ And he(Jesus)spake a parable unto them to this end,  that men ought always to pray,  and not to faint;”

To faint means to weaken in purpose.

In other words,  we are to continue to pray, and not give up the purpose of our prayers,  even when they are not answered right away.

Then He tells this story:

Luke 18:2-3 “…There was in a city a judge,  which feared not God,  neither regarded man:  

                       And there was a widow in that city;  and she came unto him,  saying,  Avenge me of mine adversary.”

Here are the two persons involved in Jesus parable:

A judge,  who could do what he wanted in his court. (Probably a Roman judge, because Jewish judges were in threes).  Who cared about no one;  not God or man.  But he only cared for himself.

And a widow,  who was usually the poorest and lowest of the decent people in the city.  She would have no family to speak for her,  no money to bribe this judge;  so she did what she could do to get relief from the one who was harassing her.

She asked this judge to “Avenge her”.   This would have been like a restraining order today.   Something to keep him from do damage to her.

This is like prayer?   

Yes,  for we shall see,  she prevailed,  not because of the kindness of the judge….he had none.

Not because she had influential friends…she did not.

But because she kept coming back and asking him, and asking him, and asking him.

Luke 18:4-5 “And he would not for a while:  but afterward he said within himself,  though I fear not God,  nor regard man;   

                       Yet because this widow troubleth me,  I will avenge her,  lest by her continual coming she weary me.”

This “weary” here, means that she might ruin his reputation.  Since he cared for no one, but himself;   he answered her request because of selfish motives.

He did not want her to make him look bad, by being in his court so often.

So he gave her that restraining order against her adversary,  just to get rid of her.

Christ Jesus says that God shall avenge His people, when they pray the same way:  with diligence for an answer, against our Adversary, the devil.   He interrupts our prayers,  try’s to make us tired of praying,  gives us doubts, etc.

Luke 18:7-8 “And shall not God avenge his own elect,  which cry day and night unto him,  though he bear long with them?

                       I tell you that he will avenge them speedily.   Nevertheless,  when the Son of man cometh,  shall he find faith on the earth?”

To stay after God for our prayers, shows we really want what we pray for.

And that we believe He will answer us.  That is faith,  for it holds on to God for an answer.  Heavenly Father, avenge me of my adversary.

Christ Jesus honors faith in Him. (And again,  faith holds on to God.)

For faith honors God.  

In this world of troubles (and who can say they do not have some),  Jesus says we are “always to pray, and not to faint”.

Hang on to Me,  He says;  I hear, and will avenge or restrain your Adversary when you pray….if you ask Me.

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