Preaching, Teaching, and Notes

Ultimate Reality

I believe our souls are the most precious thing in all of God’s Creation.   Having lost it through the fall of Adam (Romans 6:18-19);   He bought it back again, at such a high price:  the sacrifice of His beloved Son.

I believe that our souls are our personalities.  They are what makes us unique.  No two are exactly alike.

They are what the Bible calls “the heart”.

Our souls are the seat of our personalities….all that makes us, us!

When Christ Jesus was here, He set forth a way of following Him: 

Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me.   Lose your self-life,  that you might find your Christ filled life. (Matthew 16:24-25)

Then He added a verse which often confuses us,  but it shouldn’t.   

Jesus spoke in terms of profit and loss.  Showing the value that Jesus placed on our souls.  One soul is worth more than a whole world of things.

The question is:  how much do we value our own souls?

Matthew 16:26 “For what is a man profited,  if he shall gain the whole world,  and lose his own soul?    Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

What, of all creation could possibly be of more value than our eternal soul?

What will we give in exchange for our souls, in this world?  

For that is what Jesus is asking.

Will it be temptations, cares, riches, or pleasures of this life? (Luke 8:13-14)

In Luke, Jesus says:

Luke 9:25 “What is a man advantaged,  if he gain the whole world,  or lose himself,  or be cast away?”

Or “lose himself”;  for our soul is our personality,  our mind, heart and will.

(He will only be cast away, when he “loses himself” to the world.)

Man is an eternal being.  He will exist for eternity in one of two places:  we will save our soul, and live for eternity with God in bliss.

Or we will lose our soul,  and spend eternity with Satan in torment.

There is no other ultimate reality than this.   People have tried to say that God is too merciful to condemn people to hell.

God is merciful:  that is why He saves anybody….because He is merciful.

That is why He sent His Son to save us, by the sacrifice of Himself.   He came and lived a perfect life…becoming the perfect sacrifice.  

Not in His Divinity,  for He always was and is holy.

But in His humanity.   And because there was found no sin in Him (Hebrews 4:15);  He could give His life a ransom for all,  who will come unto Him.

Here then is what Jesus says we are faced with:  our souls must choose.

Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior?

Or attractions of the world? 

In this age for each Christian;  to answer the call of Christ,  is to come with a life open to and receptive to Him.

This is a continual open door to Christ.  

Christ Jesus is still asking all who will follow Him:

Will you bring yourselves to Me?  Will you fully surrender your wills that they may be Mine?

Hear My word to you;  for My Word is a living Word,  it will not return unto Me void.  But it will accomplish My purpose in you,  if you will yield to it.

I will empower you to do My Will;  only get it settled that you will do it. 

(And If there is someone faced with that challenge especially at this time;  remember time has a way of dimming the value of all things in this world.   What we consider “essential”,  can become sawdust in our mouths,  though it may not seem like it now.

You can turn your life over to Jesus Christ,  and ask Him to make it whole in Him.)

Know the liberty of the Spirit of Christ in your union with Me. 

Hear and your soul shall live.

Only Christ knows the true value of your soul,  for He paid the ultimate price to save it,  for He knows you,  and loves you.

Amazing love for such as I.

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