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The Offerings of Sweet Savor

There were three “Sweet savor” offerings….and two offerings for sin and trespass….five offerings in all.

The sweet savor offerings are called a savor of rest. These were all burnt on the altar….showing that the sweetness would not be shown without the fire of trial, or suffering.

They are all “to God”, but one is also shared with the priests (and we are a holy priesthood, 1 Peter 2:5); and one is shared in fellowship with God and the priests and the people who sacrifice, Hebrews 10:24-25)

The offerings under the Law….all looked forward to the completeness of Christ’s offering….both to God, and for us.

They were like a shadow….Showing a form of the real…..but Christ’s sacrifice was real….for it was effectual for us….forever.

Hebrews 10:1 “For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices, which they offered year by year continually, make the comers thereunto perfect.”

Hebrews 10:12, 14 “But this Man (Jesus), after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, set down on the right hand of God;

For by one offering He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.”

Let us look at the “sweet savor” offerings:

The whole burnt offering:

Leviticus 1:3, 9 “If his offering be a burnt sacrifice of the herd, let him offer a male without blemish: he shall offer it of his own voluntary will….

….and the priest shall burn all on the altar, to be a burnt sacrifice, an offering made by fire, of a sweet savor unto the Lord.”

Christ was the whole burnt offering….for He kept back nothing of the full price of redemption, for His own.

He paid every suffering for our sins.

But there is more to this sacrifice,…..

…….This sacrifice, speaks of the Lord Jesus fully giving to God, that glory and subjection, that He deserves.

He did it voluntarily….for the whole burnt offering was….

……”If any man of you….”. It was not a “must”, but a “If you will”.

Hebrews 10:7 “Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of Me) to do Thy will, O God.”

Christ’s was in complete subjection to God,…..

…..and by HIs sacrifice, He made us a way, that we might submit ourselves to God as well.

There was the Meat (Meal) offering….

……which was another “offering made by fire, of a sweet savor unto the Lord:”(Leviticus 2:2)

It was to be brought with frankincense (the spice of kings)…..and oil.

Leviticus 6:14-16 “And this is the law of the meat (meal) offering…

And he shall take of it his handful, of the flour of the meat offering, and of the oil thereof, and all the frankincense which is upon the meat offering, and shall burn it upon the altar for a sweet savor, even the memorial of it, unto the Lord.

And the remainder thereof shall Aaron and his sons eat:….”

This sacrifice was first to be sacrificed to God….a handful, taken and placed upon the altar, with the frankincense and oil….

…..the rest to be given to the priests.

It was to be fine flour…..not the corse grind of regular bread, but finely ground….extra effort was to be made for this sacrifice.

This fine flour represented the beauty of the Lord Jesus to His Father……Jesus was God’s beloved Son.

Matthew 3:17 “And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well-pleased.”

All the character and actions of Christ….pleased God, the Father.

He is well beloved in the eyes of His believers (“priests” 1 Peter 2:9) and we are to “feed” on Him, as our bread of life. (John 6:35)

The frankincense and the oil were given in this sacrifice……in recognition of Christ’s Kingship, and the fullness of the Holy Spirit (oil) on Him.

This was the only bloodless sacrifice, for it spoke of Christ’s Person—not His Work.

The peace offering…..

Leviticus 3:3-5 “And he shall offer of the sacrifice of the peace offering….the fat that covereth the inwards, and all the fat that is upon the inwards,

And the two kidneys, and the fat that is on them,…

And Aaron’s sons shall burn it on the altar upon the burnt sacrifice….”

This is an amazing offering…..for it includes God, the priests, and the people bringing it.

The offering they were to bring,….they were to identify with it……placing their hand on the head of it. (Leviticus 3:2)

Then they were to burn part to God,…..

….give part of the sacrifice to the priest that was administering,……

…..and have a party with family and friends for vows, thanksgiving for birth’s, weddings, etc.

Christ has brought peace, by HIs sacrifice… those who believe on Him:

Ephesians 2:13, 17 “But now, in Christ Jesus, ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.

And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh.”

We can now come, by that peace with God, having fellowship with Him…..and with our fellow believers. We are to rejoice in His Presence….”coming boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help” (Hebrews 4:16)

By the peace His sacrifice wins… may come before God in praise to Him, and the joyfulness of your heart…..for His wonderful gifts, to you.

These were all the “offerings of sweet savor unto the Lord”.

All of them showing that glory, that the trials and suffering of Christ, brought to God.

God is Holy….and without the sacrifices of Christ; He would have nothing to do with us….except judgement.

But Christ’s perfect sacrifice changed that….in several ways:

His coming to earth as Son of Man/Son of God, for us…….for we could do nothing to bring us near to God.

His life in subjection as a servant;….for we were rebels, fighting against God and His authority.

His prayers, and example of character and service;…..for we had only laws before….no living example of the beauty of those laws, lived out in life.

His sacrificial death….for by it, He gave us the privilege of becoming the children of God,….

….and. gave us the Holy Spirit whereby we are empowered to live for God,…

….and it gave us peace.

How full was Christ’s sacrifice….to God,…..and for us…

…no wonder they are called the “sweet savor” sacrifices!

Let us praise His beauty of Plan, Purpose, and Perseverance….till all was perfected….both for God, the Father….and us.

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